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What is TLIF?

The Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund (TLIF) was launched by the DfE in February 2017 and is a 3-year investment to support high quality continuing professional development for teachers and leaders in areas of the country and schools that need it most. The overall aim is to improve outcomes for children and young people, thereby making a significant contribution towards tackling social mobility.


What is the NAHT Aspire TLIF programme?

It is a 1-year programme for Teacher Development and Leadership Development based upon the very successful NAHT Aspire partner schools programme. Schools work together in networks of four. Senior leaders come together each term off site in a Network Day to be introduced to strategies & resources and to strategically plan. On another termly Network Day nominated leaders for Teaching & Learning and AFL come together to immerse themselves in the approaches and plan operationally. Each term these are followed up with Development Days in schools when an Achievement Adviser works with leaders and other staff to support the follow through of development.

Through participating schools can expect:

  • Leaders and teachers to develop generic competencies and have greater confidence in their potential impact

  • Greater distribution of leadership across the school with staff ‘stepping up’

  • Measurable improvements in learners ‘Foundational skills’ in maths, reading or transcription from early in the partnership

  • Teacher development systems becoming more systematic and engaging

  • Assessment data being used very effectively to target intervention – identifying learners and their particular needs

  • Day to day teaching improving and becoming more impactful


Which schools are eligible for the Programme?

Schools with an Ofsted judgement of 3 or 4 located in the 12 Government Opportunity Areas: Blackpool, Bradford, Derby, Doncaster, Fenland & East Cambridgeshire, Hastings, Ipswich, Norwich, Oldham, Scarborough, Stoke-on-Trent and West Somerset, or in Category 5 and 6 Local Authority districts. A list can be found here.


Which staff are involved?

NAHT Aspire is a whole school approach. Network days bring Headteachers and senior leaders together each term, while development days within individual schools support leaders in implementing and evaluating initiatives in the school context. The process is one of “doing with… not doing to.”

NAHT Aspire TLIF will reach all staff in the school, either through direct training or through coaching. The main aim of the approach is to establish research based approaches to leadership, assessment and teaching though building the capacity of senior and middle leaders in the school.


How do we know that it works?

An independently evaluated pilot of NAHT Aspire showed benefits for schools in terms of pupil outcomes and Ofsted inspections. Moreover, leaders reported the process as being a positive rather than a deficit model that had grown teachers and middle leaders. NAHT Aspire TLIF has drawn together the most impactful elements of the fuller NAHT Aspire 3-year partnership and wrapped those into a 1-year focused programme. If you want to know more about the experience of NAHT Aspire you can speak directly to a Headteacher – please get in touch via the contact form below or email us at


What does it cost?

The cost is covered by the DfE’s Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund meaning that there is no cost to eligible schools, just a commitment to release staff to complete the programme.


When could my school start?

Our first network of schools began in November 2017 with our last network scheduled to start in March 2019. Please contact us to see when a network is starting in your area.


What opportunities are there for recognition and accreditation?

Derby University offers a postgraduate Diploma/Certificate in School Improvement that is designed with NAHT Aspire leaders in mind, allowing them to use the work done in leading/implementing/evaluating aspects of the programme as the focus for learning and assessment.

Schools and individuals will receive recognition for their success in implementing the six key components that underpin NAHT Aspire TLIF through certification from the NAHT.