Progress with NAHT Aspire TLIF

//Progress with NAHT Aspire TLIF

The NAHT Aspire TLIF programme is proving to be very successful in engaging the interest of eligible schools. Many school leaders have expressed that it’s exactly what they need to build leadership capacity in their schools and address their specific teaching and learning development needs.  We now have 54 schools on the programme across 11 networks stretching from Sussex in the south to Liverpool and Humberside in the north. With our twelfth network commencing in Bradford in June we will have over 60 schools enrolled. With interest already expressed from schools for networks to commence in September and beyond we are confident that we will recruit our target of 96 schools by March 2019.

Participants are keenly implementing the initial programme strategies and seeing the beginnings of impact on learners’ progress. One Headteacher recently wrote ‘I want to say a big thank you for everything you have done with us over the course of the project so far. I know that you have given me the boost in confidence I needed – helping me find a way forward with leading a structured and meaningful process to improve teaching and learning in our school’. We look forward to the continued success of the programme as it extends to more schools across the country.

– Ian Rawstorne, NAHT Aspire TLIF Contract Director